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14 November 2007 @ 10:47 pm

 Morale: Stagnant

I'm not moving. Gyaaah. 

I haven't really moved for two whole days.

(somebody shoot me please)

Starting tomorrow, I need to kick my lazy ass into action instead of procrastinating and telling myself I'm still not behind to reach 50k. Because, officially, I'll need to start getting into the groove again by tomorrow.

Current NaNo mantra: Must not sleep. Must not eat. Must write. Must write. Must write. Must stick to deadlines. Braaiiiinsssssss.

In the meantime, I've been making profiles. Researching is a cool procrastination tool. I mean, technically it's novel work. It's fundamentally essential in a disconnected, never-gonna-be-used way. But it's important. 

Right? Right?


The Novel apparently requires a truckload of profile work. My characters have recently taken on minds of their own and are storming the barricades while I hide behind a mountain of soft toys and hope they won't see me.

Changes so far:

1) River has taken on a way nicer outlook than I first imagined him. 

The old River was a jealous little punk. The new River is a slightly dumber but nicer dreamer with a guilty complex, who apologizes for elbowing people. 

2) Luce is a lot more badass

Originally she was very 2-dimensional - she was just 'the perfect sister' without expansion and that was it. Then she invaded my head and forced me to change the script to include her badass-ness.

3) Ochre has turned into a thing.

Don't ask. It involves all the Four Horsemen, Dim and a spoon. 

Well, not really a spoon. I just thought it would be a cool thing to say.

4) My villian has a weird backstory now. 

He's more... human. I sympathise with him. In a sort of revolted pitying way.

5) Dim is a jerk. A narcissistic jerk.

Wait, what's new again?

6) There's a gay vampire in my story.

Yeah. I hit rock bottom. Bite me. I still think he' s cute.

(can't sleep, River'll eat me...)

Speaking of characters, my friend Jian has kindly consented to become the aforementioned gay bulimic undercover vampire, as a character in The Novel. In fact he suggested it himself. You have to wonder exactly what he's been drinking. And what kind of container he keeps it in (it probably burns through wood and metal).

(Sorry, Jian-man. :P)

Character revisions are currently being made, with a lot of colour and camp being thrown in. Whee for camp! ~ <3

Anyone want to be a character? Auditions are open. 

Just the idea of the character will do, not a whole big bang booming profile. Hit me with your worst. 

Remember: quirky!

Submit them to me ASAP. And I shall torture your little bunny babies and make them campy emo slickers. :) Me love much much.

Ohmygodmygod. I'm so desperate.

*runs off to eat chocolate*

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skyfirebaby: heerivernapping on November 15th, 2007 04:29 pm (UTC)
must write. must have brraaaaiiiiinss. must write.

(Thank you! =) I'm not alone! *sings and dances*)

must write. must write. must write.
anghard on November 14th, 2007 09:11 pm (UTC)
You still reached halfway and that's more than a lot of people I've seen on the nano forum so it's still an achievement. We're allowed to have our off days.

It's amazing how characters do pop up and decide to beat us into submission because they're not happy with how we've made them.

I am loving all the changes, they sound very very intriguing. Keep writing and keep tangenting (is that even a word?). You'll find the basis for a great story at the end of the process. I know I did after rereading my nano novel - I did cringe a lot, winced a bit, made gagging noises, sighed in annoyance and felt like shredding a few times, but I also laughed a little, nodded in places and cheered in some.

So it's not all bad :-)
skyfirebaby: heerivernapping on November 15th, 2007 04:28 pm (UTC)
must write. must write. braaaiiiinnnsss.

(Thankies much! :) I've already had three rest days, I need to start working again.

Amazing? Probably not. Little snots have lives of their own and they hate us. Shh. They might hear us talking.

Oh, goodie. I'm writing on. Persevering if that's how you spell it.)

must write. must write. braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnss!